... maker from Par to Global when I started mail order and things slowly went down hill. I eventually felt as if I had no meds in my body at all so I went to see my doc. We switched drug companies and things got better but then he had me up my dose from 20 mg of lexapro to 30 to see if I was having any additional issues from the lexapro. But after a week I had to stop the additional 10 mg and have not made it back to his office yet. I am currently taking 20 mg of lexapro on top of the Wellbutrin 150 and suffering from a mild lexapro withdrawal. I have been taking lexapro for 8 years and the Wellbutrin along with it for 4. My anxiety/ depression was mostly under control until my Wellbutrin was switched.

This is my first post to this site and I will probably post it under a similar question to reach a larger group of you guys. Hopefully someone has been in my situation before. I can relate to a lot Of you and I am very lucky to have had success with the first 2 meds I tried. Good luck guys and thanks for the help!