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Has anyone had issues with intrusive thoughts when increasing or decreasing the dose of Zoloft?

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Nitro061 5 Oct 2018

Suicidal thoughts or harmful thoughts are common with all anti depressants, but can be serious. If you don’t level out within a week or so you must tell your doctor or ask pharmacist about how to ween down and off so you and your doctor can settle on another medication.

I had a horrible experience with Paxil, I had to stop it cold but my dad says it is a miracle drug? Everybody is different.

Hope you stay safe my friend.

mezapine 17 Oct 2018

I have not heard of intrusive thoughts with my patients; however, I always ask why practitioners prescribe Zoloft. Typically it causes wt. gain and sexual side effects. If you are suffering from generalized anxiety disorder, Lexapro is generic and a better choice. If your depression is severe, you need an SNRI. Pristiq is my go to. If you can say your dose and diagnosis, it would be helpful.

Worthy of note, though, Abilify can induce OCD symptoms. Rare, but possible in my experience. Intrusive thoughts always accompany OCD. free discount card

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