Here is my story.
I switched to Pristiq Aug 2012 after being on Prozac which seemed to stopped helping me with depression. Two months later I developed a severe large intestine bleed accompanied with severe pain. After a CT which found inflammation I was put on Flagyl and Cipro. I developed diarrhea and was gettting worse instead of better after 4 days and was hospitalized. A cdiff culture came back positive which was probably non active until I was put on the antibiotics. (was on effexor not Pristiq in hospital)

I was released and sent home (back on Pristiq). Three days later the bleeding started again and I was put back in the hospital. Cdiff negative this time. A colonoscopy showed non specific inflammation (no polyps etc.). (on effexor)

Relased again and on flagyl for 10 more days. When the flagyl ran out I started bleeding again. Tried increasing fiber but was getting sicker by the day.

Called doctor put on Vancomycin. The theory at the time that it was an unusual presentation of cdiff (bleeding). On Vanc I felt a lot better and the bleeding stopped.

When I was down to the last of the Vanc the bleeding started again and my general health deteriorated. Dr. put me back on Vanc and did colonoscopy and found the inflammation but no cause and recommendation was to discontinue vanc and if symptoms persist resect 5 inches of my colon.

I did research and found Pristiq has rare bleeding as a side effect. Called Pfizer and 1 in 3000 had a bleed in clinical trials but could not get after market data as I am not a health care professional.

It was over the holiday's so doctors were out and I decided to go cold turkey off Pristiq (not fun!) to see if it was causing the bleeding.

The bleeding has stopped but I am concerned about what damage there may be to my colon and other organs. The last three months before I stopped taking Pristiq my periods were worse than they had been in my life. After stopping Pristiq my period was 20 days late but lighter than it had been while I was taking Pristiq.

I am wondering if anyone else has had bleeding problems with Pristiq. I found one other person but tragically she died in a traffic accident a week ago before I was able to talk to her. From what I understand she had part of her colon removed.

I've been bleeding off and on since October.

Any insights appreciated.