OAB for several years; tried all meds available but now even last one to 'work' somewhat has stopped. Seems body adjusts and Rx not effective. Spent last 5 days with 2 wires in sacrum area and beeper-like control to adjust stimulation to 1 or 0ther wire. No Rx; pre-op testing/eval. Couldn't do anything but take it easy. Spent most of time running to urinate (not a trickle either). Disappointed. Expected Interstem to be answer; rep thinks wires may have moved and I did not get full benefit. 10 trips 8/31; 8 9/1; 9 9/2 and 13 9/3 and finally decided to quit drinking liquids after 3 trips 15-20 mins apart. Any suggestions; feedback; experience. 53 and desparate. Tired of wearing pads and still wetting pants. Thanks