For fear of reveiling too much, I can not go into much detail, but I am about to go crazy with worry about a 2 yr old being "dosed' to sleep at night with ohhh I dont know, 5-8 mg of childrens benedryl. She was born addicted to methadone, cranky I am sure at night, etc... now I have figured out that one of the parents is putting her out at 6"00 pm to 6:00 am so he can sleep ( yup=190 mg methadone a day-5 ft 6" & clinic giving him pretty much whatever he asks for so he just sleeps his life away, ... claims he is "tired-he works & takes care of a baby" WTheck?? I raised 4 children alone & worked all my life a full time job & never poisoined my kids to sleep! Sorry, pls respond if you have any info... MommaN