I have Uveitis, AS, and RA. I have had 5 infusions and am experiencing a range of side effects that come and go. I am concerned the side effects are being overlooked or discounted. Currently I have a constant dull pain in my side, a constant dry mouth for over a month that has developed white patches/blisters, my left shoulder blade tingles often, intermittent dizzy spells, sun sensitivity, and fatigue. I tell the Rheumatologist who says go to the GP and the GP does tests that don't seem to show anything other than fatigue markers are up. Regarding my dry and sore mouth, I was advised to see the dentist. I'm not sure this is even helping the Uveitis as it usually comes and goes anyway, and I'm on prednisolone too, so how would I know if it's worth taking this medication? I agreed to save my sight more than any other reason as I am already blind in one eye and my "good" eye is currently compromised.
Curious to know other peoples experience, thanks.