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Does anyone else have a husband/ wife that doesn't understand or want you to take Cymbalta?

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WildcatVet 13 Aug 2013

Hi, CC! I don't take Cymbalta, but I am on other psych meds and I have a big problem with my partner. He doesn't really believe in psychiatry or psych meds; with him it's the old *if you really wanted to you could pull yourself together*. He hates that I take meds and he's absolutely sure that my meds are CAUSING my problems. He researched the meds I'm on and every time I sneeze he's sure that it's a dreaded side effect. LOL!
Is that the sort of thing you're dealing with? Please drop a line back ~ there are a lot of folks here and I can sure bet they've had problems too.
Best wishes, WCV

lady2882 13 Aug 2013

If your husband has done some research on Cymbalta then I can understand why he would not want you to take it.
I was on it and didn't do well on it at all. I had to stop taking it and the withdrawal was a nightmare.
My hubbie wants me to never take it or any other SSNRI meds again.

Does your husband say why he does not want you to take it?
What is the reason for taking it? Depression? Pain?

My hubbie doesn't understand what is going on with me either but then I don't really understand either. That is why I am seeing a Psychiatrist and a therapist.

Take care

Cortez-Cleo 13 Aug 2013

I am taking it for depression and anxiety- although pretty sure it only treats my depression. The sexual side effects- aka I could care less- are an honest issue for us. Plus my hubby doesn't seem to think it makes a difference but I know it has really helped. I have to get off all pills before we have kids and so i feel very pressured to get off this and just go through the withdrawals. Do you have kids? Are you working while seeing both Dr.'s? Thanks so much lady2882!

lady2882 13 Aug 2013

I'm glad you realize that the sexual side effects are an issue. It may not seem that important to you and that is not good for your relationship with your husband. I'm sure that he wants his bed partner back and at your age that is an important aspect of a marriage. There are probably other changes in you that he sees but you are not aware of.
Since you are planning on having a family then I would think you would want to get off this anyway. You wouldn't want to get pregnant even by accident while on this med.
Now it is tough when stopping this med so don't just stop taking it as you could be very sick. This med needs to be tapered off slowly. Depending on how high your dose is will determine how long it will take to get off of it unless you get a different antidepressant with a longer 1/2 life to take just to get off the cymbalta.
You may need also need something for anxiety while stopping the cymbalta.

kaw06 13 Aug 2013

I HAD one. Had being the operative word. some people don't understand depression until they get it themselves. Have your doctor talk to him maybe a 3rd parry will help. Good luck

Kitty 15 Aug 2013

Hi I don't have a spouse but a son who just doesn't get it. Fortunately I talked him into seeing my counselor and I think he might understand it better. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all just talk ourselves out of anxiety and depression. Don't they think we would if we could? Take a walk, it helps.
Take him with you. Judy

Cortez-Cleo 16 Aug 2013

Exactly!! So nice to find this forum where finally people understand. free discount card

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