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Has anyone tried Horizant for Postherpetic Neuralgia, if so, has it helped any with the pain ?

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HeadStarter 10 Aug 2012

Hi ohmyachinashe - I have not tried that one but I want you to know that there are MANY meds that soothe the nerves like Elavil, for instance. A PM Doc could be a good doctor to see, too. That is unless you like the doctor you have. Also, Topimax is another med that is used.

I am sorry I didn't see this question until now. I am assuming you are taking this medication? How is it working for you and are you also taking anything else for pain?

Be well and sorry you are having to deal with this... I know it is quite painful.


ohmyachinashe 10 Aug 2012

Hi Headstarter, Thankyou for your response, I have had PHN for a little over 4 years now. I have tried Lyrica, Baclofen and Nortryptiline {sp} without much relief. I settled on Gabapentin {neurontin} but, the dose that the neurologist had me on was too high to even think about trying to work {3600mg/day} so, I cut it down with the help of my primary doctor. I drive a school bus and can't take any kind of narcotics during the day. I do take hydrocodone at night but, get very little sleep. I wanted to try the Horizant when I was alerted to it's availability but, mt doctor put me on 1 a day and it was totally ineffective and left with with an awful lot of pain throughout the day. I believe the dosage is 2 a day for PHN and called my doctor and had to talk to his nurse who apparently did not give him my message and by then, I had had enough of the ''phone tag'' game and went back on the Gabapentin. I have a Dr. appt.

HeadStarter 11 Aug 2012

Hello Beth - You are more than welcome and PLEASE... don't worry about the length of a post. It just takes as long as it takes to get ones point across. I am glad I could give you some suggestions. However, I am sorry you are having to deal with all of this. I have an implant in my spine and the battery is implanted in my buttocks. It is a neuromodulator stimulator which fakes the brain out from feeling pain but instead feels like a soothing tingling feeling. It is kind of like a "Tens Unit", if you have ever seen or used one of those. You could even try a tens unit to see how that might work for you. But the implant has done wonders for me. The idea is to run it as long as you can and then to keep it charged up. It comes with a charger that takes about 15 minutes a day to charge it up. The surgery wasn't bad and the leads for the implant are anchored to your spine. Just a thought for you. Keep posting so I know how you are doing... I am happy to help you as much as I can.


ohmyachinashe 12 Aug 2012

Hello again, I went to pain management and had 3 illingural nerve blocks, 2 select root nerve blocks and was getting ready to have the neurostimulator implanted when the office started billing everything to comp {never was a comp claim} and really screwed me up with my employer and insurance company. They wouldn't fix things and I had to fill out a truck load of paper work with workers comp to refuse billing under comp... ugh, don't even want to think about it. I never went back but, I am glad that this device is working for you. The other problem was, after a psych eval and all, they then told me I couldn't have the device on while I was driving. I needed and still need the pain relief the most while I'm working. Bad time but, it's in the past. Be well,

HeadStarter 12 Aug 2012

Hey Beth - I know you drive a bus and YES, that is correct about driving with it OFF. Sudden movements can give you quite the JOLT and you surely don't want that while you are driving. I do keep mine on LOW most of the time and even lower when sleeping because movement of the head backwards increases the PULSES that are felt. They can get real strong if you just roll into bed without thinking about it. I have gotten myself into more trouble because I am too tired to think about readjusting the thing before bed and scream out when I plop down. I will learn... it has already been one year that I have had it. It is still worth a shot for you I think.


ohmyachinashe 12 Aug 2012

HeadStarter, Thanks for taking the time to share that, I wondered how movement affected the device. I haven't ruled it out entirely, just a tad head shy from the last attempt. Sorry to hear that you get zapped at times, especially when you are trying to sleep. You would have to peel me off the ceiling if that happened in the meddle of the night !

HeadStarter 12 Aug 2012

It only happens when you first lie down if you haven't adjusted the pulses for lower... then when you are settled in bed... you can readjust the pulses. The rep from the company usually sets the standard settings for standing, sitting and sleeping. I have seen my rep many times to recalibrate the whole system. It really is amazing! Be well and take good care. I hope you do reconsider this. It isn't like you are driving a bus for the whole 8 hours or something, right?

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