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Does anyone using hizentra have a diagnosis of Goods syndrome?

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kathyhanson 27 Mar 2014

Hi allym,
I have never heard of Good Syndrome, so I had to do a little research. It is a rare condition of the thymus gland, which in youth, is instrumental in the production of T-cells. As we get older, the gland atrophies and becomes nearly indistinguishable from surrounding fatty tissue. Good Syndrome results from a thymoma, or tumor of the thymus. Often these tumors are malignant, and in even rarer instances thymic cysts develop in the neck. Treatment is removal of the tumor and IgG replacement therapy. Thank you for asking this question, as I am undergoing testing for an unexplained mass beneath my thyroid. I have been getting Hizentra, or another IgG replacement therapy for 10 years. I have multiple myeloma, which destroyed my immune system. This is valuable info that I can discuss with my surgeon. I hope you will find effective resolution of your condition and that you will see many, many years of good health.
Best regards,
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