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Anyone here on Talacen? An old narcotic, but wanted to know if anyone else has tried?

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16 Feb 2010

This drug is also know as Talwin. It is a partial agonist opiate pain killer. If anyone is addicted to opiates then Talwin is a good drug to stay away from as it will throw you into precipatated withdrawals. Other then that it's a OK pain killer for mild to moderate pain... Dave

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chronicpainhurts 16 Feb 2010

thanks mpvt, I have been on it for a while, and never heard of it before dr put me on it. I understand the withdrawal part well, as was on vicodin before that, but dr said would be better than vicodin..hum.. thanks again for the info :)

mpvt 16 Feb 2010

Here's some more info on this drug.
Pentazocine (Talacen) is an analgesic with agonist/antagonist action which when administered orally is approximately equivalent on a mg for mg basis in analgesic effect to codeine.

chronicpainhurts 16 Feb 2010

thanks mpvt, appriciate it!

mpvt 16 Feb 2010

No problem..Hang in there... Dave

chronicpainhurts 16 Feb 2010

One more question, is it stronger? vicodin has 5mg codiene, and talacen has 25mg of Penta... if its the same by mg by mg basis, don't quite understand

mpvt 16 Feb 2010

Vicodin has no codeine in it, it is hydrocodone and yes it is stronger then Talwin (Talacen)

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