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Does anyone know why with hep C you itch more at night than during day?

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Stephen Treloar 29 Jul 2017

I don't know why, I ended up figuring it was at nighttime, I was asleep and did not stop scratching. During the day we have conscious control over what we do. Just a thought. :-)

MER1949 29 Jul 2017

Stephen, thanks for your thoughts. I do itch a little at times during day but not as much. I am trying to figure what foods might help or hinder liver activity that releases toxins in blood stream which causes this itch. I am hoping when and if I get approved for Harvoni and get CURED this will stop. Are you cleared of this virus? If so how did it go?MER

Stephen Treloar 29 Jul 2017

Yes, I was cured by Harvoni last year, my bloodwork came back to normal (Phosphate and Bilirubin) and the itching has gone.

MER1949 29 Jul 2017

Stephen, so glad you are cured. You give me positive thoughts on this Harvoni. Did your insurance cover most of cost? Did you have any side effects from Harvoni? Of course side effects are the least if you can finally get rid of this virus.It is a very isolating feeling. It is not something you want share with people. No matter how you got it it still has a bad stigma about it. free discount card

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