... talking to him about tapering and wd. I,ve started the taper. I told what I,ve read on here and other sites about the bad experiences people have had with wd. He says its just not true that wd from subs is a piece of cake, not exactly those words but you get the idea. He said only reason I don,t hear about easy wds. is because when people get off suboxone they don,t come back to these discussion forums because there just done with the whole thing. I told him about someone I knew personally who had a bad time with withdrawalls from sub. and he said there are a few exceptions and for those people we get them on Tramadol then wean them off of them. I have read about starting another addiction to get off subs. then detoxing off of it. But Tramadol? I,ve taken Tramadol for legit pain in past and it didn,t help at all. I still got a bunch left from several years ago. I do want to get off the subs. and I,m done with the oxy. abuse. This Tramadol things got me a little confused and I,m wondering if Dr. knows what he,s talking about. When asked how many of his patients have succesfully gotten off the subs he said just a couple and nobody else has gotten that far yet. Any input would be much appreciated