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Has anyone had or heard of testing high on RA? Iv got Hep Geno 3 and it's running about 25-30 yrs?

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Stephen Treloar 13 Jul 2017

The entire time I was infected with HCV type 1a, (~20years) I tested with high Rheumatoid Factors in blood. It never occurred to me they might have been connected. I'm clearly cured now but haven't had a reason for re-testing.

Shehep30 13 Jul 2017

It's been 30yrs plus I've had hcv type 3, iv now have symptoms and pretty tough ones , started on Epclusa 9 days ago, What did you take?

Stephen Treloar 13 Jul 2017

I took Harvoni and Ribavirin (12 weeks). You must be looking forward to your initial blood tests saying "not detected"? :-)

birdloversc 15 Jul 2017

I also took Epclusa for 12 weeks. I have tested negative since week 4. I feel sure it will cure you also. Are you having any memory issues? Headaches? sleeping problems? I had all those problems while on the meds. But its worth it in the end. free discount card

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