I have been using Hizentra, Vivaglobin, or Gamunex for 9 years now for multiple myeloma. I'm being referred to a rheumatologist, but my GP believes I have IgG induced Lupus. Of course, if I do, there's not much we can do to treat it other than steroids and anti-inflammatories. I can't stop my IgG treatments because they are keeping my MM in remission. My symptoms include eye pain and uveitis, locking joints/pain in both wrists and hands, hip pain, back pain, neck pain, fatigue, daily headaches, nausea, weakness of leg muscles, rash on my face. Except for my wrists and hands, all of my pain seems to be on the left side. Have had x-rays and CTs. No lytic lesions. Waiting on blood work results. Confusing. Any thoughts?