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Has anyone ever heard of the "Guaifenesin Protocol" ? my niece heard it's for fibromyalgia?

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suzanne66 16 Aug 2013

Yes. Guaifenesin protocol is a proposed treatment for fibromyalgia suggested in the 1990s by R. Paul St. Amand.
Look in wikipedia.

Emeraldgirl 16 Aug 2013


There are some people on this forum who have actually tried it and there is a lengthy discussion regarding the merits of this treatment regime. In the 'search for answers' box just type in 'Guaifenesin for fibromyalgia'

Take care

MacIntosh12 16 Aug 2013

Hi Sheelights,
I've read about it, yet it is very strict! Devin Starlanyl discusses this in her book Chronic Myofascial Pain and Fibromyalgia Survivors Manual. (which I'm not getting the name of the book right, but not going to hunt it down at this moment, lol) There are so many rules to that protocol that it sounds impossible to me. I did try to take Guaifenesin, yet didn't do all the proper stuff to go along with it, so of course it didn't work and here's the kicker - guaifenesin made me smell funky, not kidding, I could smell it on my skin!
YUCK! My husband said he could smell nothing, but I most assuredly did, peeew!

If you try it, make sure you are strict about the "rules" of the treatment.
Wishing you the best,

MacIntosh12 16 Aug 2013

Forgot to add, forget all of the nightshade veggies in your diet, as well as using Muscinex. You can google a list of nightshades or I can tell you if you haven't heard of this, let me know girl!

bruthd 16 Aug 2013

Hi, I agree with Lara, the protocol for the guaf treatment is almost impossible to follow. You can find it if your just google the guaf tx for fibro. I also tried it a few year ago when my FMS was brutal after I had Lyme disease. When you start the tx with guaf. the fibro actually does get worse, but after several weeks I began feeling better. However, I had taken a leave from work and don't know if perhaps the rest and less stress weren't the greater influences on the reduction of the fibro pain. I am still determined to give low dose naltrexone (LDN) a try as I am so tired of having half a life. Right now it is 1:30 pm and I am still not out of my night clothes. As someone once told me if only those of us with FMS had a limp or an obvious indication of our pain others, including family, might view us differently. Good luck to your niece. Most of us will try anything to feel better. As far as those who ask which comes first the fibro or depression, I am here to say the fibro comes first. Depression comes from having chronic pain. BRuthD

sara12345 18 Aug 2013

Lara, You really have tried everything. What is wrong with your niece, since the comment above says good luck to your niece? Hope it's not too serious.
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