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Has anyone heard of a drug 251-NBOME? Says it's a psychedelic?

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masso 24 Mar 2016

"25I-NBOMe (2C-I-NBOMe, Cimbi-5, also shortened to "25I") is a psychedelic drug and derivative of the substituted phenethylamine psychedelic 2C-I. It was discovered in 2003 by chemist Ralf Heim at the Free University of Berlin, who published his findings in his PhD dissertation.[4] The compound was subsequently investigated by a team at Purdue University led by David Nichols.[5]

The carbon-11 labelled version of 25I-NBOMe, [11C]Cimbi-5, was synthesized and validated as a radiotracer for positron emission tomography (PET) in Copenhagen.[6][7] Being the first 5-HT2A receptor full agonist PET radioligand, [11C]-CIMBI-5 shows promise as a more functional marker of these receptors, particularly in their high affinity states.[6]"

"Although 25I-NBOMe was discovered in 2003, it did not emerge as a common recreational drug until 2010, when it was first sold by vendors specialising in the supply of research chemicals.[citation needed] In a slang context, the name of the compound is often shortened to "25I" or is called "N-Bomb".[14] According to a 2014 survey, 25I-NBOMe is the most frequently used of the NBOMe series.[15] Case reports of 25I-NBOMe intoxication, with and without analytic confirmation of the drug in the body, are increasing in the medical literature.[9]

25I-NBOMe is widely rumored to be orally inactive; however, oral efficacy has not been disproven and apparent overdoses have occurred via the oral route. Common routes of administration include sublingual, buccal, and nasal/intranasal.[15] For sublingual and buccal administration, 25I-NBOMe is often applied to sheets of blotter paper of which small portions (tabs) are held in the mouth to allow absorption through the oral mucosa.[8] There are reports of intravenous injection of 25I-NBOMe solution and smoking the drug in powdered form.[16][17]

Due to its potency and much lower cost than so-called classical or traditional psychedelics, 25I-NBOMe blotters are sometimes misrepresented as, or mistaken for LSD blotters.[18] It is dangerous to attempt to differentiate the two using sensory techniques (i.e. taste) but reagent testing (in particular ehrlich's reagent) can easily differentiate ergolines from 25I-NBOMe via colour change.[19] Small quantities of 25I-NBOMe can provide a large numbers of doses. Vendors may import 25I-NBOMe in bulk and resell individual doses for considerable profit.[8]"

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ginom42958 24 Mar 2016

Quite informative thank you

masso 24 Mar 2016

You are welcome. free discount card

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