I really don't know how to live anymore. Diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatique syndrome about 6 years ago. Went through so many prescription drug combinations that either didn't work or had horrible side effects. Tried naturalpath physicians without any success. Now, back to 1st step of using Oxycodone. My story could go for several pages, but the main issue now is extreme depression along with extreme anger. I have never been an angry person in my life. Went through a horrible divorce 25 years ago, which was more than divorce for complete abandonment with 2 babies to care for. Not very much support of any sort from family members, but always relied on God. Was very active in church doing music and leadership positions. However, fibro got so severe that about 1.5 years ago had to resign. Have been abandoned by family, and friends. Along with inability to work anymore, I am alone every day for 12-15 hours due to husband's long work schedule. Remarried about 5 years ago to a great man, but, feel so abandoned and alone that have a hard time staying close to him. By time he gets home, he is tired and within an hour is usually involved in TV and falling asleep. Anyway, having a hard time concentrating just trying to send this question. But, my need to know is if anyone else is experiencing more than chronic depression but episodes of extreme anger and then feel worse about myself and get more depressed.