I've been on psych meds for anxiety and depression for 28 years and on pain meds (opiates, Lyrica and meds for all the side effects of these meds) for 15 years. Lots of years on heavy meds. I also am very heavy and binge on sugar and ice cream. My liver enzymes were good in August but a recent CAT scan showed my liver to be enlarged, very fatty and the density had DECREASED by 50% in the past 18 months. I am also a diabetic. I'm trying very hard to change how I eat, but am in a wheelchair and find it impossible to exercise. I'm going to get off the pain meds this coming year no matter how hard it may be (I use Methadone for the chronic pain). Anyone know anyway to gauge how much longer my liver will hang in there? Will eating right and getting off the pain meds help enough to make a big difference or is it too late? I'd appreciate any guidance you could give me. - ElizaJane