I went two months ago and the doctor precribed Naproxen, a muscle relaxant, and a mild pain med after seeing the spurs in my x-ray. He also wanted me to go to physical therapy 2x a week, but that is really hard for me with work. Also, I don't see how that will help, and since ANY arm exercise I do seems to aggravate it, I am concerned I'll just be paying for more pain. It got better for a while and now is KILLING me again. I go to see the doctor next week and might try the physical therapy once before my appt. Oh, and they called in Tramadol today for me (not the lortab 5 like before) and it isn't really helping. I know they don't want anyone to become addicted, but I really hurt, and it is relentless. Any experiences with this problem and physical therapy? Should I ask about surgery? I know bone spurs don't just go away. :(
Thanks in advance for any responses.