I was diagnosed with thrombocytopenia about 8yrs ago. The Dr that dx'd me said it was caused by me taking Advil. (ibuprofen) I was working as a Nursing Asst and had/have lots of back pain and Advil seemed the best at relieving it. I wasn't exceeding the recomended dose, but I was taking them daily. Anyway, I started getting bruises all over my body and couldn't figure out why. That was the only symptom I noticed. So, my GP sent me to an hemotoligist and after lots of tests, thrombocytopenia was her dx. So... my question is, Does this condition just go away? Could it be that I could take NSAID drugs safely again? The reason I ask is because I'm dealing with pain every day again (ovarian cysts& back), but don't want to take a narcotic such as, hydrocodone or oxycodone on a regular basis. Any suggestions would be appreciated! PS. Tylenol DOES NOT work for my pain and I've tried Ultram and didn't see much improvement and Ultram also scares me because of w/d's after d/c'ing this med.