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Anyone has experince with Effexor at pregnancy ? can 75 mg harm the baby ?

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Inactive 15 Oct 2011

Hello michal23. I read up on your question and its this, not to take effexor during the last 3 months of pregnancy. Also, no breast feeding for it will be passed on trough the milk to the new born. If you are pregnant, and taking effexor, its recommened you contact your doctor and decide what might be planned in regards to taking effexor. Best wishes to you and the new born to be.

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michal23 15 Oct 2011

thanks pledge, actually im off the pills the last 6 months but feeling bad and wanted to restart only just found out im pregnant (very early stage) and not sure how to handle it. i live in switzerland and god help me but the doc here r not very helpful - had a baby 2 years ago while was on the pills and did a brake when i found out but got bad and was told that to take the pills at week 30 is nothing to worry as the baby is already developed ... yesterday i read as you wrote that the last 3 months are the risky time so its very hard to trust the doc' now ... so confused ...

Inactive 15 Oct 2011

Hi again michal23. Don't really know what to suggest, in as much as I'm a man and aside from being a father and grandfather, kind of know what the ladies go through, having seen my wife carrying my son, silly question but are you happy to be pregnant or is it not the best time? Circumstances etc. Why not take the effexor for awhile, see how you do, as you said, you've some time to play with.

michal23 15 Oct 2011

:) that the main issue - do i have some time to take the medice safely ?, if it wasn't for the need to the pills - yes i would be very happy to know that another amazing boy or girl like the one i have is cooking in me :)).
im so wooried of hurting him/her .
Thanks a lot for trying to help & all the best wishes.

Bsteinbrueck 16 Oct 2011

My two cents would be to ask your doctor about options that are considered low risk through all stages of pregnancy (I've seen a few people talk about Latuda on here, although it looks like it is still not suggested during the 3rd trimester.) If you click on the "Pregnancy Warnings" link under "Drugs A to Z", there is a link for medication that is safe during breast feeding. The list under it, titled "Drugs PROBABLY Safe in Usual Doses", includes bupropion/Wellbutrin and Paroxetine/Paxil. If you go to specific warnings for those meds though, it looks like wellbutrin is the safer choice.

michal23 16 Oct 2011

thank you so much for taking the time to send me such a detailed answer, you r very kind !! its just that after my last pregnancy i lost all trust in doc' whoactually put me on effexor at the last 2 maonths of it. at the moment all look bad - no where i could find support for safe pregnancy no matter which medicine i'll take and to be honest i think not having a baby is the only safe option. maybe i should just be greatful for being so lucky that the one i have is o.k after taking the meds and b.feeding ( b.t.w that was the best thing i have ever felt ). maybe it's time to accept that i'm sick and i need the meds and cant have anymore kids.

Bsteinbrueck 16 Oct 2011

I do believe there are better options than killing the baby, but I am not here to preach. It is unfortunate that you did not realize this before getting pregnant. Please consider the emotional and physical effects this could have on you and your body. I do not feel that the benefits outweigh the risks in this case, but I also do not know the whole situation.
Like I said though I'm not here to preach, but abortion can be just as much an emotional burden as the pregnancy with or without meds. Please consider that if you still have time. Either way, I wish you the best.

michal23 13 Mar 2015

As I saw someone has written a comment today , I just wanted once again thank all the lovely people who replied at th time and let you know that I continued with the med And gave birth to a beautiful happy little girl with no issues what so ever.
we are a happy family.

If anyone needs anything I'm here for you !!!
All the best
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