After a serious emmotional breakdown in feb2011 ( hospitalised for month) was put on lexapro 5 weeks ago. First week@ 10mg.Then Four weeks @20mg. The drug Dealt well with my anxity, panic and fear: but only slightly lifted the depression. Still sleeping day and night: hypersomnia etc : also have sleep apnea and use a Cpap mask overnight( which I don't even notice is on, as I sleep so heavy) however, 5 days ago dr increased lexapro dose to 30mg . Second day seemed to help a bit and managed to get up and go to a shop: however, in the shop I suddenly felt I was going faint and managed to lay on floor before losing consciousness .however, whilst still feeling very ill, dizzy and sure I may lose consciousness, I actually remained conscious. An ambulance was called and I was checked over.All vital signs ok. Recovered over next 2 hours after being taken home. The next day I felt slightly unwell physically. Today (2days later) I am ok physically and since near faint in shop, have dropped back to 20mg.the paramedic said it was a mystery and must be the increased dose of lexapro? I must say I had concerns to go up to 30 mg as all evidence suggests 20mg is max but as you all know, if you are on this site, we tend to try Anything to help this depression huh.. Has anyone else had similar symptoms increasing dose? Thank you for reading this.