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Has anyone got good results from 400mg of votrient did you get bad reaction?

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Rhys92 4 Sep 2013

Hi started on 800mg Votrient had a high lipase reading, normal is around 400 mine went to 1800 ,huge chest pain into throat like a heart attach admitted to hospital stopped tablets after I week very disappointed tumors had started to shrink already. Had a few tests checked pancreas ,liver and gallbladder all came back ok, told to stop alcohol and no fatty foods , lipase came down to around 500 put back in hospital and put me back on 400mg all going well after 2 months waiting for next scan seem to tolerating it better hair white a little tired a few aches and pains I take one endone tablet a day helps a lot, will let you know result of my next scan if you like not sure when my doctor is planning this doesn't seem to be in a hurry.

liztr 4 Sep 2013

thanks so much for your answer I have been off n on this drug for about 2 months. started with 200mg then to 400mg then to 600mg which got me very sick. bp very high,throyid messed up very tired... know I am on the 400mg feel a lot better been out of work for 3 months hope to go back in oct... did you ever try the drug inylta the worst drug ever very bad seizure on it ... what is endone tablet? l lost 20bs on votrient have to force myself to eat ..keep in touch let me know how everything is going God Bless...

Rhys92 8 Sep 2013

Hi Liztr
Endone is pain relief seems to helps me get going in the morning and be able to work every day I have a few aches and pain, my job is fairly physical. I also get very tired so a lot of early nights I am having a scan mid October after I return from Bali wasn't sure if I should go at first but I am feeling well enough at the moment, Votrient is the only drug I have taken I had radiation treatment back in December but it wasn't a successful as we had hoped will keep you informed in my progress please feel free to drop me a line any time and keep me up to date. Cheers all the best.

liztr 9 Sep 2013

Do you live in the states i live in nj never heard of endone I will have to ask my doc about it... I am feeling good thinking of going back to work also. well I hope you have a great trip to Bali ... let me know how your scan and trip turns out talk to you soon ...

Rhys92 10 Sep 2013

Great your feeling like going back to work, I live in Melbourne Australia .

liztr 10 Sep 2013

w have a great trip and email me when you get back feel good and have fun
don't forget no drinking that's what I miss ... and no fatty foods ha ha... free discount card

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