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Anyone know a good med for restless leg syndrome? It's driving me crazy?

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kaismama 13 Jul 2014

Have you tried Mirapex?

balbanese 13 Jul 2014

There are several recommended, most are habit forming so it's best to see your Dr and ask for something, try it for 2-3 weeks and if it doesn't work, go back and ask for something else. I had this for years as part of a multi-year-long bout with withdrawal. It finally went away on its own, but it was a hellish 3-years on and off. That's what I recommend.

LaurieShay 14 Jul 2014

There is a medication called Requip which is specific for Restless Leg Syndrome.

Kiick4 14 Jul 2014

After 2 years, mine went away in 3 days after I started getting B12 shots. Ended up it was severe nerve damage from vitamin deficiency anemia.

Lmrf 17 Jul 2014

I have been diagnosed with RLS for 15 years now. My neurologist prescribed Mirapex for me. It does help somewhat; you might want to suggest it to your doctor to see if it's a safe medicine for you to take. Good Luck. Lmrf

LouOfTheJungle 17 Jul 2014

I have been driven crazy by rls as well!! It's crazy cause it doesn't seem like a big deal till you have it for days on end, with little to no sleep and the ability to just sit is beyond you. Anywho to your question I have found 2 things that helps me. First is a natural remedy featuring a mix of apple cider vinger and a few other herb. I had okay success with this but even more successful was a threaputic balm, like Bengay or icy hot, though I didn't use these brands. I liberally spread it on my arms and legs and it helped within minutes. Day 6 of suboxone withdrawl here and after 4 days with no sleep I was finally able to get some zzzz's. hope this helps good luck!

Kawasakizx14 21 Jul 2014

My wife has had success with Lyrica.

Boblin52 21 Jul 2014

I have taken mirapex for years. I take it about 2.5 hours before bedtime. I could not live without it. Sometimes I take it during the day too. I take 0.5mg. Before bed. If I stay up too late after taking it, I feel slightly nauseated. free discount card

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