... depression and didnt know i had ocd until i went off it 4 years ago because i was anxious a lot and thought i should try something else. (A psychiatrist had told me the prozac was probably helping me keep my ocd symptoms under control.)Well, here i am 4 years later still more anxious than im ok with and now maybe returning to the med that had helped me (and probably wouldve helped even more if id just had a dosage adjustment instead of going off it).
Anyway, im on lexapro 40 mg, abilify just upped to 5 mg, and mirtazapine 7.5 mg. My sleep is poor--cant stop thinking about worrisome mostly health-related things. Ive been ofered the choice of staying on lexapro or going back on prozac and im considerinng going back on prozac.

Has anyone had good success with going back on prozac after being off it for some time? Thanks for your input!