... just prior to this. I almost died from the prolonged QT's caused by methadone. This time they brought in a cardiologist because the drs. couldn't find the cause of my extreme weakness and orthostatic (dropping) blood pressure. After about the 4th EKG, I had 13 altogether. and constant blood pressure monitoring he found I had seriously prolonged QT intervals caused by the methadone. I have been on it 2 months, up to 90mg. In the hospital they had to cut me 10mg a day to save my life. Please take this as a warning, I thought I had the flu or a virus. My clinic was still raising my dose. I thought the nodding and lightheadedness was part of getting used to the methadone. I was released today at 10mg. Now I am scared about withdrawal,it already started in the hospital and all they gave me was a few .05 ativan to come home with and nothing for my chronic pain. Can anyone tell me how bad and how long the withdrawal will be? I tried the Thomas Recipe once, it didn't work for me. Please to all of you on methadone, be careful. Ask for an EKG from your PCP, this is nothing to take lightly. Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated. If you want more details about how the QT's work I lived to be an expert, just ask. Sable