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Does anyone know if the gelatin in lithium is pork or beef?

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PepperM 1 Sep 2015

It's deprived from both pork skins beef and beef calves alone with horse. Yuck huh ? My father ask this same question years ago. Now companies are starting to fish into it also.

amanahyah 1 Sep 2015

Thanks PepperM... that explains it. Glenmark Pharma lied and said it was cattle bones.I called them back and asked can I have that in writing... still waiting since last week..I searched on internet. On there it said no can cattle be NOT dairy??? Or does that mean no milk or no eggs??? Then I called the company again today... a recording now says they will no longer answer questions about the contents or composition of medication anymore, and I'm paraphrasing. But I also found another site that says its pork... thanks so much... just needed to know I wasn't alone. Yah bless, peace

PepperM 1 Sep 2015

Oh yes I forgot to mention cattle bones also. Sorry. Really gross stuff if you ask me. Makes a person think twice about what they take. free discount card

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