I did a review, explaining Aimovig 2 month trial worked well on my migraines. However, after a couple weeks of first shots, I started gastro pain, bloating, gas, constipation. It was not too bad first month. I used Prevacid, took Rolaids/Tums and used Dulcolax. The second month, it was BAD. I wasn't able to combat it and it has affected daily life and every meal. Im not on the drug now, its 3rd month. The "drug company" called me in the very beginning, I filled out all paperwork. I was told I qualified for financial payment of the first full year since I am poor, barely above Medicaid level. At the end of 2month trial, they called me and sent a letter stating I needed to rush and push my doctor to authorize everything. This was already done in the beginning and I was told that. I called them both to confirm the info before starting the trial! Someone lied somewhere. I thought about the gastro trouble, and I called my doctor to confirm that the drug was to be paid for... and why I needed approval again? Nothing has been done, I haven't received the drug or anymore paperwork and I have decided due to severe gastro intestinal trouble DAILY that I am not going to fight for it anymore. I have constant daily, gas pain, feel bloated no matter what I eat, and still using Dulcolax. This drug can't be good long term. The damage to me daily is not worth what I am going through. It hurts your stomach, physically. I am angry that the drug company lied to me early on. The doctor is aggravated too - all his patients that could pay were fine - but all the patients like me were lied to by the drug company and drug reps pushing it - knowing that we were put in a trial for 2 months and no way were they going to honor the payments of that drug! It costs $500plus for 1 shot and I had a 2 shot dosage. When I called Aetna they said "it is not even on our drug lists yet and won't be reviewed for the first year. I did not worry as I was told I would be covered by the drug manufacturer, but I was curious how Aetna was handling this for later on. The pharmacist here told me "they can't even get the drug yet and how did I get it?" I explained it was sent from TX pharmacy associated with drug manufacturer and I told him how I was treated and what has happened to me since. He shook his head, with no comment except, that "he was getting a lot of heat from all the patients treated just like me." I told my doctor I am angry how they did this rollout, and how awful it was that poor patients on a 2month trial KNOWING it was going to end there! Look what it has done to my stomach, all the gastro comments online and manufacturer does not even mention... on top of how it feels to be a trial patient just to go online and do write-ups for them. This is inexcusable, it shows the power the drug companies have and nothing will be done. I see many online comments like mine. This gastro intestinal situation is painful and I pray it will subside on its own. Im scared about my stomach later on and how long this takes to get out of the system as many have commented.