I was recently fortunate enough to obtain suboxone, and clonazepam to get off methadone 20 to 40mg/day. My wife has been addicted to a higher dose for longer than me, and is facing cold turkey withdrawal. Today we visited a doc. who is a licensed to prescribe suboxone. Unfortunately he said she had to apply for the program, have it reviewed by a committee and hundred other hoops to jump through. Well she doesn't have time for all that as her methadone suply is rapidly dwindling. So he prescribed phenobarbital, clonodine, neurontin and Lyrica, the last two she takes anyways. He gaver her a pretty decent amount of phenobarbital a short while anyways, many years ago I was given this for a 6 year addiction to Klonopin, I only had it for three days and the dose was small although I do remember the first day I had one 30mg pill and it took the excruciating anxiety anway and I actually took a nap. So wondering if anyone has had this methode of detox preformed before.