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Has anyone found that the Clonazepam 1 mg yellow R 34 doesn't work as well as the green pill?

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chuck1957 9 Sep 2015

Flicker3210 I have had both colors and have not noticed any difference but we are all different. Did the pharmacy tell you it was another company and color. Always make sure if it does not say something on the bottle or the pharmacy does not tell you that you call them and make sure they have given you the right medication. I know the yellow one is right I looked it up but you had no numbers on the green on chances are it's the same active drug but the binders other stuff in that company is different and you could be sensitive to it let them know if they have the one you think works better that they give that one to you..So sorry that nobody found your question before now. But there were a few problems with the website and they have worked them out so this poped up now. Please feel free to ask or repost if you don't get a answer in a reasonable amout of time. There are lots of great people here to answer your questions..have a good evening.

chuck1957 9 Sep 2015

If you still have some of the green ones get the number off the pill like you did on the yellow one and shape and color and I well be glad to look it up for you.. free discount card

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