Hi. I am not on this site often but when I am it is overwhelming with the love and caring. I am so frustrated because I have been seeing this doc since June and do not feel any better from the RA. I am so exhausted all the time, especially after having the grandbaby and I am only 50. My doc first tried Methotrexate and I got horrible headaches so could not take it. In Dec. I started Sulfasalazine 500 once a day and then in Jan. 2 times a day. She reduced my Prednisone to 9 mg from 10 mg per day. And when I visit her she asks how much pain am I in and she never seems to like the answer. It is either, that is a separate issue or you have such a sensitive system we have to go slow. The pain at times is so unbearable and I get so miserable. I guess I need to know I am not alone.