I never had feet problems but since the last year when I started Mobic, my feet started to peel, crack and bleed. Went to foot Doctor Iwas told I do not have a fungus but could be my Lupus med so I stopped taking it for the last year and it is still acting up on and off. Mobic is my new med started a year ago to replace my Plaquenil. It is very painful because it burns, cracks and peels. They are not calloused feet as we all get when walking in sandals. I have done the petrolleum jelly, cotton sock routine and many other lotions that do help for a short time to the next episode which happens at least three times a week. It seems to me to be related to the times I take the Mobic. Cannot stay off of med for too long as I have other issues so I would like to know if anyone else has had this problem before I try a new med as I am running out of ones that don't cause a problem.