I am new here, but I wanted to add a comment about my experience with Seroquel XR. I have been on it for a little more then 6 months, I went from 50-100-200 and ended up stopping at the dose of 300mg. As I got used to it I had the Bad side effects, but they slowly got better. I was thinking I felt better then ever after taking every ssri, benzo's and anti seizure for mood stabilizing. I'm currently taking 6 mg of xanax a day, now 50 mg of Zoloft 40 mg of adderall and Untill a week ago 300 mg of seroquel xr. As the seroquel relieved anxiety and pretty much the rest of my problems ( panic disorder bipolar 2 depression etc.. For me) I realized that while the seroquel xr did relieve these things a lot it also changed me to the point I was no longer me. I went from being an organized and well maintained person with my children and life, to a confused, unorganized mess.

Not that I didn't feel better inside, but the realization that I was completely loosing my short term memory, could no longer help my kids with homework etc, I severely became fearful of leaving my house unless I was going to see my psychiatrist, which still then I was a paranoid mess, and outside of my house was becoming delusional. I was never like this before. I have been loosing myself more and more. Everyone in my family noticed, and I was fearful of going off seroquel xr not only because I didn't want the other symptoms to return, but also the things I was reading about withdrawal. So I made the choice on my own to wean down slowly... Big mistake, the weaning down made my mind and everyday efforts 10 times worse then taking the 300 mg. so I read more and more and decided to just stop it all together. Today I have not taken the seroquel in 4 days I do have anxiety in the morning again that was gone, and also am having slight sleeping troubles, and increased depression, but I am me again. I don't feel that I can't get my thoughts together anymore, I can actually write this and know what I'm writing, and a major plus I can remember my entire day yesterday! Huge difference. I'm still a little scared that I'm not taking it, and have not informed my doc that I quit, but in my opinion seroquel was ruining my life, my mind, everything. I'm willing to suffer with my problems in exchange for my clear minded sanity. People are not thinking I'm drunk or completely out of my mind when I'm talking to them now. Not sure what I'll do if I go on another med, but I will never take an anti psychotic again..benefits do not outway the harm it was doing to my sanity. I have been on everything possible over the last 18 years. Ups and downs and all over the place severe panic attacks fears and so on. I think I'm out of options, and that's why I don't want my doc to know I'm off seroquel. With everything I have to feel and stress over and severe anxiety and depression, at least as of this moment, I can actually deal with these things with a thought, that seroquel had taken away from me. I don't know about others and I'm not sure what to do in my situation, all I do know right now is that how I'm feeling my 4 th day off seroquel is I am becoming me again, enjoying things that couldn't have matter one bit on seroquel and thinking clearly and remembering things is the best feeling in the world! Depression, anxiety, panicking and all, at least I don't feel the people around me treating me as if I had lost my mind! Cause in all honesty that's exactly what seroquel was taking from me. Also.. It was giving me severe migraines, never had those before either