I'm just stunned. Have others found people are so squeamish about illness? I finally got hold of my cleaning lady who has been with me for about 3 months. She told me less than 48 hours before her next cleaning time that she wasn't going to clean for me anymore because she couldn't stand that I had my illnesses. I have barely talked to her, but did inform her about my limitations with severe migraines at times, but that I have headaches 24/7 caused by a stroke. So that I really need help with cleaning. Plus I told her about my new Trigeminal Neuralgia.

I told her that I would never tell her anything ever again about my health. I asked her why she hadn't said anything to me previously if it bothered her so much. She acknowledged that that was her mistake. It had bothered her for quite awhile. She said, "I just don't know what I can do." I said that she could help me by continuing to clean for me.

I called her before her last time here and told her to get the key to start cleaning, then to wake me up in the bedroom in time before she had to leave so that she could clean there too. I had a particularly severe migraine that I needed to stay in bed for. When she knocked on the door and said that she was there, I must have gotten out of bed before she left the room and she saw me undressed. This further disturbed her. I asked, hadn't she ever seen an undressed woman before. That women are in locker rooms together all the time. I promised and promised that I would always be dressed for her in the future. Of no avail, my illnesses were just too much for her.

We live out in a rural area where it is difficult to find anyone to clean. I asked her if she knew of anyone else to clean and she said no. HELP ME here. Is having disabilities a grotesque topic?

I finally told her that I thought that she was being inhumane. She didn't care.
Have others found people are so squeamish about illness or did I just run across a nutcase?