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Anyone have extreme hunger with zyprexa zydis?

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Inactive 30 Jun 2012

Hello oppenc. Weight gain, having an increased appetite are both side effects in taking Zyprexa Zydis. They are normal and very common to taking the drug. Best of wishes to you, pledge

bumblebee90 1 Jul 2012

I agree with Pledge. Yes, it caused me extreme hunger. Awful. It worked, but gained weight, and ate the whole kitchen. lol Ruthie

Inactive 1 Jul 2012

Hello Ruthie. Tad late early Sunday morning. Have a good one friend. Enjoy a cuppa if you like, just finished perking and there are English muffins to go along..

bumblebee90 1 Jul 2012

Hey there Pledge. Ruthie woke up to late for a cuppa.:( It's more like an afternoon snack now. Something cool and refreshing, as it is 200 degrees here. Ok, a slight exaggeration, but if I go to the store, I'm drenched by the time I get there. Geese Louise. Have a wonderful one my friend. Ruthie.

bearkindredspirit 28 Jul 2013

I agree that zyprexa causes weight gain and hunger however I think that the increase in appetite and hunger is due to dehydration. I would recommend hydralyte or gastrolyte and plenty of filtered water everyday, particularly just before and also after taking Zyprexa. Dehydration can increase your appetite and make you very hungry which leads to overeating and weight gain.

Inactive 1 Jul 2012

Dear opennc, Pledge and Ruthie, I think zyprexs also may be linked to diabetes onset too, but not in everyone, please have your dr monitor your sugar levels. My old co worker billy was on zyprexa for bipolar disorder, to worked and he was the most fun person I have ever worked with when he was on it. He gained alot of weight. Maybe Openncs dr might add an appetite suppressant, if it is safe to do so. I have tried one thru a clinic afew years ago, the phentermine. I did NOT think it was as effective as the one I started recently thru a diet clinic, called Didrex. It is a bit more expensive than the phentermine, but I have had better results and up until last night, have been able to sleep. You may have noticed I posted all night last night. I am supposed to take 3 of these a day, but can get by on 1 to 1.5 pills. The main thing is cutting calories by not eating as much, no fast food at all and trying to eat more fruit, vegetables and and home prepared meals. I lost 17 lbs in a little over 2 months. I guess I took the second dose too late in the day, but I will be napping today to make up for all the lost sleep? This is the first time it has done me that way. No Danish for me, haha. Patti

Inactive 1 Jul 2012

If it's not too late. I'lll take Patti's share of the danish... Mary

Inactive 1 Jul 2012

Thanks Mary, that is what I calle team work, haha. Love ya, patti

Inactive 1 Jul 2012

Yes it is! Now don't you need a nap? hehe that's where I am headed... Mary

bumblebee90 1 Jul 2012

Girls, I slept until noon today. I'm ready to party. Mary... get up. I'll be calling ya. Patti, you may need a nap. But join us when you wake up. Hee Hee. Your Loving and somewhat crazy friend, Ruthie free discount card

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