I've been on 75mcg fentanyl patches for about a year. I started having some issues with my blood sugar and sweating that I thought were from the patch. Then this month I found out my wife had been using them so I spoke to my doctor about changing. On 3/4 he switched me to 50mg nucynta er twice per day. Told me to discontinue the patches immediately. I did and had the left overs destroyed or whatever they do with them. I was fine for about a day and a half. Then started feeling very anxious and nervous. I would note the first night I did have hives on my arm but they went away quickly and I associated them with someone's body spray.

Now it's been 5 days and I haven slept in 3. I have hydrocodone but I'm only supposed to take no more than 4 per day but my doctor hasaid told me to take up to 2 every 4 to 6 when I have break through paid. I've been doing that but it's barely touching the symptoms. I've diarrhea, shivers, hot flashes, insomnia, anxiety and irritability. These are all signs of withdrawals but also possible side effects. Since the hydrocodone isn't helping I'm not sure what to believe. But now I'm really scared because at this rate I'll be out soon then what? Will this get worse?

I've called my doctor twice yesterday and twice today with no reply. I'm wondering if I just need a higher dose or if this is just not the right medicine for me. If I hadn't gotten rid of the patches I honestly would have just switched back and told him we need to go back to the drawing board. I just need to sleep I hurt everywhere and I can't keep myself hydrated. I never wanted to be on these meds to begin with and I've always piloted doctors orders. I feel a little abandoned in my time of need that he isn't responding. I can't keep taking time off and I've a family to care for.

I'm very worried the hydrocodone is only prolonging the inevitable and it's doing a poor job of it. I did read that 50mg twice per day is the recommended dosage for non opioid dependent people who don't already have a tolerance. So I'm guessing that's the issue I just want to know when it will end.