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Has anyone experienced weight gain on Vilazodone?

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Inactive 26 Mar 2013

Hello BWL. Yes, likely it is.Most antidepressants tend to put on the pounds. In clinical studies 2 to 3% of users of Vilazodone, experienced an increase in appetite. Regards pledge

BWL 26 Mar 2013

Ugh... I was told by my doctor that was the big thing about this one... no weight gain.
Thank you.

RonMan 27 Mar 2013


This is a tough one. 3-5% of people gain weight, but 4-6% get anorexia. Viibryd, valazodone, is not considered to cause weight gain.

There is anecdotal evidence that some people gain weight. In most people major depression causes a loss of appetite. Getting back your mo-jo also means getting back your appetite. I suspect, but have not done the extensive research yet, that this rebound effect is causing the weight gain.

Could I be wrong, yes; however, many people have reported that their doctors have said there should be no weight gain. The four studies I looked at showed no weight gain (n = ~4,000, but, as with all drugs, your milage may vary.

I hope this helps a little.


BWL 27 Mar 2013

I guess I'm worried because I am an emotional eater... hopefully once these meds take over my emotions, I won't feel the urge to eat all the time. Thanks for the input free discount card

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