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Has anyone experienced waking in a panic taking 100 mgs of trazodone & 3 mgs of clonazepam?

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coloresue 30 May 2015

No, I have not. Three mgs of clonazepam is a lot to take at one time. The usual adult limit is 4 mg per day. The trazodone should help you fall asleep within about 30 minutes. Next time this happens, IF there is a next time, please try to take less clonazepam unless your prescribing Dr. has okayed this. God bless you.

777GODISLIFE777 31 May 2015

My new psychiatrist sent by God, has prescribed a additional 2 mgs of Clonazepam. However, he reduced my Trazodone to just 25 mg at bedtime. I take 3 mgs of Clonazepam and 25 mgs of Trazodone at bedtime. Then 1 mg of Clonazepam upon waking and at 7 pm. My last psychiatrist over a 8 year period put me on so many different drugs that now I have severe chronic drug resistant depression and severe insomnia. I am having Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Treatment Monday through Friday, but just started on the 18th. I have to have 36 weeks of TMS treatments because no antidepressant works anymore. The up side is that I never thought I would ever be able to sleep on such a low dose of Trazodone, but I have to take more Clonazepam. I suffer sever PTSD, drug resistant severe chronic depression, and anxiety/panic disorder. I am having Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Treatments, and I attribute my ability to sleep better on less Trazodone on these treatments.

coloresue 1 Jun 2015

Thank YOU for telling me about how you are and about the TMS. ;o) I have a grown son with severe depression who has tried almost every antidepressant and nothing has worked. He's gotten 1 treatment of ECT which helped him briefly, but his Obamacare insurance is giving him a hard time and he hasn't received the next treatments. I'm so glad God sent you a great psychiatrist and you are doing better. free discount card

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