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Has anyone experienced terrible body aches while taking Xarelto 15 milligrams twice a day?

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BethSJ 9 Jun 2015

Hi Matthews18, Xalreto made my muscles and joints hurt terribly from head to toe but especially in my arms. I almost can't use them. I've been off of the drug for 1 week now. Pain a little better. Hoping it didn't do permanent damage. Wish I'd gotten off Xarelto months ago. Good luck.

tmaunus 13 Jun 2015

Yes! I'm 48 and I'm in so much pain :(

BethSJ 13 Jun 2015

Ask your doctors about switching meds. My docs ran me through several expensive tests to eliminate other problems before they believed me it was the Xarelto. I've been on several.Xarelto msg boards, people are reporting and complaining. I even called Xarelto hot line to report because the drug is so new, it needs to be documented. The drug made the last few mos of my life miserable! Being off it close to two weeks now and pain is getting better. So wish I'd switched to something else mos ago.

tmaunus 26 Jun 2015

May I ask what blood thinner are you on now?

tmaunus 26 Jun 2015

May I ask what blood thinner are you on now?

BethSJ 26 Jun 2015

Thankfully it was time to get off a BT after being on Xarelto for 8mos. Ultrasound as of 3 weeks ago showed no dvt. I read some interesting stuff on xarelto causing gout and gout symptoms today. Something to consider..

myfavoriteberry 7 Jul 2015

I was on 15mg Xarelto for almost 6 months due to blood clots and my legs kept hurting more all the time, it was so bad I almost had to crawl to the kitchen from the bedroom in the mornings. I was doing like a frog walk cause it hurt too bad to stand up straight, even turning in bed hurt, I was almost ready to have my husband help me get to the kitchen in the mornings, after I was up for awhile it got better but if I did a lot of walking it came back. I noticed when we stayed in a motel a couple of times & I had not taken my pill that day I jumped out of bed with no pain so I decided to do an experiment & purposely did not take my pill that day & my legs did not hurt. I told my primary care doctor about it & he said the Xarelto was probably doing it but to keep taking it for 3 more weeks until my 6 months were up, then I could quit. I quit that same day and have had no leg pain since. free discount card

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