I started on ortho tri cyclen lo and took it for 2 months. Then I got switched to tri estarylla this month, and was given 3 more months of sprintec in advance since I am moving. I didn't experience mood swings, fatigue, weight gain (I actually lost weight), or anything while on Ortho tri cyclen lo. With tri estarylla I've had a crazy increase in appetite, I'm always bloated, extreme breast tenderness, fatigue, and mood swings. I am also on 150mg Wellbutrin and 10 mg Adderal for ADD, depression, stress, and anxiety, and until now, it has worked wonders. Once I started taking tri estarylla it's like the wellbutrin and adderal don't have an effect anymore or are being over powered by the side effects from the tri estarylla.
So, no side effects with ortho tri cyclen lo, horrible side effects with tri estarylla, and will sprintec be like tri estarylla? Also after I run out of the BC I take with me from the States, I will have to take Yasmin as it is the only one available in the country I am moving to.