So, I've had the Mirena for about a year. Everything has been, what I would consider normal (regular menstrual cycle, bloating cured with green tea). That was until last month. I didn't get my menstrual cycle which, I thought it was a little odd. Then along with the missed menstrual cycle, I started getting a heavier bloated feeling. I made an appointment but, after I looked it up on Google that apparently, a lot of women stop their menstrual cycle after a year. I cancelled the appointment I made because, I felt silly for making one. Then, this week, after some cramping, my menstrual cycle came back... Two weeks late? And, what's strange is that it isn't clotting but, it's thick? (sorry for the tmi). The bloating went away for a little over a day. But, sense yesterday it has come back and has slowly been becoming heavier. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced any of this or has any helpful information. Thanks ahead of time.