I have been diagnosed with panic disorder and major depression. I was on Effexor XR for about a year and a half along with other meds to "up" it but it simply was not cutting it for my depression (basically it didn't do anything except make me numb, but it did make me less anxious). I switched from Effexor XR to Zoloft about a month ago. I started at 25mg, felt no side effects, then within two weeks started at 50 mg (felt a little more anxious, but nothing I couldn't handle) Went from 25 to 50 in about a month. It's been a week and my doctor put me on 100 from 50, which made my anxiety sky rocket like crazy that I couldn't handle it.. Just yesterday I cut my 100MG tablets to 75MG, but am still feeling very anxious. The plus side of this is I do feel a lot more alert, less depressed, and more positive but my anxiety is severe from this side effect and I wanted to know if anyone has felt severe anxiety with taking zoloft when they upped their dosage or were starting it out? I am on week 6, so I feel like I shouldn't be feeling this anxious on it and I want to know if it eventually went away for anyone. I've read a lot on the internet that when they started out they felt really anxious as well and it went away, but they were at an earlier stage than me (like I said I'm at week 6.) I would talk to my doctor about this but he hasn't responded to me in the past and hasn't responded now, and I'm not seeing him for a couple of weeks. I'm also on 1 MG of Klonopin a day but it's only taking the edge off a little.

I'm very nervous that this severe anxiety side effect won't go away as I'm TAKING this medicaion for decreased anxiety and lessening of depression (which the depression is less) I'm scared I'd be riding these side effects out for nothing. Does it eventualy go away or is this it? Anyone willing to share their story and have anything similar, or if they have experienced this before? Thanks-- also opinions and input are welcome!