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Has anyone experienced higher blood pressure while taking cymbalta?

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lady2882 23 Aug 2013

Yes cymbalta is know for raising the blood pressure. Usually only a small amount which will go back to normal after stopping the med but of course something that raises blood pressure in the majority of users can cause unacceptable increases in blood pressure in a small percentage of users.
My BP was higher than normal while on the med but it wasn't a problem as I normally have lower than average BP. I have been off the med for almost 4 months and my BP is coming back down to my normal levels.
That said Do Not Abruptly stop taking this med. It must be tapered very slowly to reduce the risk of severe side effects.

jm6320 23 Aug 2013

Thank u lady 2882 my increase is enough to be concerned like 25 points higher worth of concerned though my system has always been volatile I've been on cymbalta for 2 years and it has gradually rose I will consult with my doc on this again thanks for answering

kaw06 23 Aug 2013

My blood pressure was just a little higher on Cymbalta, but the hot flashes were horrendous!

jm6320 23 Aug 2013

Thanks for ur input I get hot and breakout sweating sometimes profusely these episodes don't last long maybe 5 minutes or so thanks again kaw06 free discount card

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