in your mind while trying to fall asleep? I have had this happen more and more frequently where i am falling asleep but i feel my brain going deeper and deeper into these dreams but they seem more like very real stories and when i try to open my eyes i can't so i feel almost paralyzed and have to will my eyes open but i can't just open them because i feel trapped in this state of half awake , halp i guess asleep. also one night i felt one of my cats jump on my bed and walk around the mattress but i could not open my eyes for a long time and when i did my cat was'nt even on the bed but was in the other room on the couch asleep. so i was hallucinating. this is scaring me because i never know what night this altered state will happen and i'm afaid to sleep bacause of the feeling of being out of control in this state. this is such a bizarre thing it is hard to describe any other way than i have stated here. i have been on this medicine 40 mill for maybe close to a year. has anyone else had this?