I'm about to finish my second pack and noticed that my breasts/nipples have gotten fuller. Really noticeable. Seems like my nipples are growing to be proportional with my breasts too. My breasts were really sore and tender for a week or two after noticing this but it's not tender anymore but my breasts are still larger than normal.
The first month on the pack was fine, this started as soon as I started the second pack.
I thought I was pregnant but I took a few tests and they were all negative. I don't have any pregnancy symptoms except for my breast. I just took the 3rd inactive pill for the second pack so I have 4 more days until I start a new pack. I'm still new to BC so I'm not sure how and when my periods are supposed to come.
I'm very little & skinny. Asian, 5'0, 100 lbs with average breasts. So I noticed right away when they started changing. They're just a lot rounder and fuller now.
Should I be worried? Or can birth control, particularly Zarah, do this to my body?