My doctor took me off the Methotrexate because I thought I was having negative reactions to it... meaning I was attributing the reactions to the introduction of the drug and not menopause or climate change. I am unclear if that was the source as over 2 weeks later I am still having some "head" issues but not as bad: foggy, headachy, feeling like a pressure is building up in my head, ear noises, loosing balance (the pressure and balance has been going on for several months prior to the methotrexate and as embarrassing as this is, but honest, I have been ignoring it and feeling it is just a part of getting old.. turned 50 this year... Okay, I know that is not old but every doc I see tells me my body is aging and falling apart at a rapid rate and cannot figure it all out.) Does anyone have any experience taking either Sulfasalazine or Leflunomide for RA?? Another question is this, does anyone have any depression issues surrounding RA? I am only on 10 mg. per day of Prednisone and 15 of Meloxicam and usually one day a week I will sleep between 14 - 18 hours and then the rest of the week I am fine other than I am retired and have absolutely no motivation to do much of anything.

I really love this website and have gotten so much from it. I would appreciate any help/experience with any of this stuff.