... The only med that helps my migraines is Fioricet with codeine. I can't take triptans and Tylenol 3 does absolutely nothing. I know Frioricet is notorious for causing rebounds, but it hasn't been an issue until this year. Every time I try to stop or taper off it, I nearly end up in the ER. I can't sleep and become hysterical. I think the hysteria/panic is the hardest thing to deal with. I'm also schizoaffective with history of mania. I do have valium and other meds that would probably knock me out. If I need to be bedridden for a while, that's fine. The migraines have already made me bedridden. I'm having Botox now, but I don't know it it will help while having the rebounds. If anyone has any tips on how to survive the med withdrawal and rebounds, I'd appreciate any advice - Thx so much! :)