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Can anyone tell me their experience with a spinal stimulator for pain?

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chuck1957 3 Jul 2016

Tiger; Sorry I'm no help here I have tried two different ones for my leg's it works great but not on my back. I have tried 2 different type's the one that works well for me is a TENS UNIT if that is the type you are talking about worked great for me. I would use 6 pads on my leg and different pulses and strength everyone is different it may work on your back some real bad days I would run one wire to my legs and one up to my lower back and I would get so relief really depends on the cause. But both my Internist and my pain doctor would not let me have the one that you have inserted in your body they both said to much risk of rejection and infections. it' s worth the try. the company that made mine is called EMPI you might google them and look at the different types and see if your insurance well pay for the machine, And also the pads. Have a good 4th my friend. Chuck1957

DancnDar 4 Jul 2016

I had a spinal stimulator implanted 4 years ago. It does help with the pain but not all of it. But usually my pain meds help with the rest. The stimulator is considered successful if it helps with at least 50% of the pain. Mine does. I recently went 2 weeks without mine on because I misplaced my remote. That is when I realized how much the stimulator does still work. If you have any other questions I'd be happy to help. free discount card

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