I was diagnosed with RA and osteoarthritis in Dec '14. I take 6 mx a week and just recently given embrel injections weekly. I still have to take a lot of pain meds. I take 3- 7.5 Norco's before I can get out of bed. I sweat profusely all morning. Around 2-3 pm I have to take 2 more Norco's. I still have a lot of lower back pain especially in the evening. I can't take Norco's after 3pm because they make me hyper and interfere with my sleep, which I take 3 mg of Xanax for. I'm thinking of stopping the embrel, I don't feel any differently since I've been taking it. I have an appointment with pain management but I'm not sure if I want to go that route. Does anyone else have these problems?? If so how do you cope??