I was diagnosed with H. Pylori over 2 months ago. I was treated twice once with antibiotics alone and second time with antibiotics and a P.P.I. The next day after still feeling symptoms of the infection, my P.C.P referred me to a gastro specialist for an endoscopy with a biopsy. I had it done 3 days after completing the antibiotics and the P.P.I. The endoscopy with the biopsy was done two weeks ago. The biopsy said that there was no evidence of H.Pylori but, the gastro doctor said that I had stomach inflammation and prescribed Nexium to me once a day for 3 months. I feel really bad still. My stomach hurts all of the time. The upper part of my back too. I grow tired easily. I feel bloated all of the time like my stomach will burst open. Especially at night. I'm following doctor's orders but, I'm still miserable. It's been over two months of misery. I don't know how I got H.Pylori as I don't smoke, eat spicy foods or take in a lot of caffeine. Some doctors and theories say that stress causes it. Maybe that's the culprit for me I guess: stress. If this is how I got it, please tell me someone how to get rid of it! Please can you tell me when you start to feel better after eradication? After 2500mg of antibiotics a day for nearly 4 weeks straight? And then after an upper endoscopy with biopsy after the rounds of strong meds? It's turning my world upside down and inside out. Please share real stories. Please. I'm begging.